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Because it is time to make a change. It is time to explore and process whatever the issues you are dealing with.


Whenever you need it. 

We will adjust the time frame with your time zone and mine.



Online, wherever you are; or in person at my office in the Washington Metropolitan area.


We will make our first appointment and we can explore the next steps together.

Welcome to my practice.

Are you having a hard time you can't deal with?

Lonely?  Feeling stuck? Lost? Bored? Dealing with cross-cultural stress?

Not adjusting to the new place? Missing home? Not missing home?

Not knowing where home is anymore? 

Realized that living in a conflict zone becomes your "comfort zone"?

Wondering if you made the right decisions, if you have chosen the right path....?

Struggling with a distance relationship, becoming a trailer spouse, or having no relationship at all?

Are you a humanitarian worker living a conflict/war zone without any mental health support?


We can work together finding the answers to these or other questions,  within the frame of a strong, safe, confidential, and warm therapeutic relationship.

Through this process, you will stop and think and have access to your emotional strengths (everybody has them) to overcome the present crisis or perhaps to work on traumatic experiences from the past. You will set the pace, and I will contribute my clinical experience and my theoretical expertise. 

Given my professional path,  I do not shy away from any challenge.


I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor in the United Stated and a Licensed Psychologist in Argentina with a Master’s in Psychology. Throughout my twenty five years of experience in different countries, I combined my psychodynamic background with other therapeutic approaches that allow me to tailor each treatment according to the individual needs. Read more About me

I am a bilingual psychotherapist (Spanish-English) with a multicultural approach.

I can provide you therapy online or at my office in Washington, DC

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Please, allow me to become your safe place, a sense of permanence and consistency in your tumultuous and dynamic reality.

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